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BW64 (EOL: 9/25/18)

The BW64 and BW64E are Bridgewave’s updated releases of its premier solution and most widely deployed Bridgewave model, the GE60. Now with field-pluggable SFP’s, 48 VDC power and software key license upgrades, the BW64 will continue this strong tradition of excellence.

An FCC unlicensed millimeter microwave (60GHz) Gigabit Ethernet RF link, the BW64 represents unparalleled value at its highly affordable price-point.

Data Rate: 1000 Mbps Full Duplex
Adaptive Modulation: 1000/100 AdaptRate upgrade via software license key
Distance: 20 – 1000 meters (BW64); 100 – 1800 Meters (BW64E)
Latency: <40 uSec
RF Interface: 58.1 GHz/62.9 GHz (FDD)
FCC Approval: None, unlicensed
Antenna: Integrated 10 in. (BW64) or mountable 24″ (BW64E)
Interfaces: One field pluggable SFP 1000Base-X for multimode (-SX) fiber; single-mode (-LX) fiber; or copper (-TX) with CAT5e or CAT6 cable
Power: 48 VDC or PoE adaptable;  45 watt max consumption


  • License-free operation in the U.S. and Canada
  • Highly secure, narrow antenna beam widths (more)
  • Interference-free operation, enabling high-density deployments
  • Full rate, full duplex, Gigabit Ethernet operation
  • Low latency for fiber-equivalent performance
  • Forward Error Correction yields maximum link range


  • Rigorous HALT/HASS testing
  • Up to 99.999% availability
  • 28-Year MTBF


  • Connects directly to standard network equipment
  • All-outdoor, compact design
  • Low voltage power cabling
  • Rapid & flexible deployment
  • Embedded web and SNMP based network management agent


  • Point-to-point
  • Hot standby
  • Multi-hop/repeater
  • Hub-and-spoke
  • Ring
  • Mesh


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