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*NEW*: Navigator ST – MultiMile, 2.75G

The BRIDGEWAVE NAVIGATOR ST is a licensed microwave system supporting the 6-42GHz frequency bands. Built on proprietary custom chipsets, NAVIGATOR provides network operators with unprecedented flexibility to support multiple configurations and applications, optimize networks for the highest capacity and range, and speed up deployments.

NAVIGATOR ST can achieve capacities up to 1.5Gbps per radio using a single carrier, and 2.75Gbps using dual sub-carriers, without requiring any additional equipment.


Data Rate: 100 Mbps Full Duplex upgradeable to 2.75 Gbps
Distance: 1000 – 15000 meters 
Latency: depends on configuration; as low as 13 uSec
RF Tuning: Across entire 70/80 GHz bank in 250 MHz steps, FDD Operation
Modulation: QBPSK, QPSK/16QAM/32QAM/64QAM Hitless Adaptive Code
FCC Approval:  10 year ‘lite’ license required
Antenna: External 12, 24 in 
Interfaces: Ethernet: 3 x SFP Ports for 1 x 10G/2.5G/1G + 2 x 2.5/1G SFP Plus + 2 x 1G RJ45
CPRI: 1 x Option 1 to 5 (614.4Mbps to 4915.2 Mbps)
Power: -48VDC, PoE, 53W typical consumption
IPv6: Hardware and Software both meet new IPv6 standards


  • 10 yr. FCC license promulgation currently available from BluTec Systems (for USA deployments only)
  • Highly secure, narrow antenna beam widths (more)
  • Interference-free operation, enabling high-density deployments
  • Full rate, full duplex, 2.75 Gigabit operation
  • AdaptRate™ switching overcomes rain fades
  • Low latency for fiber-equivalent performance
  • Forward Error Correction yields maximum link range


  • Rigorous HALT/HASS testing
  • Up to 99.999% availability
  • IP66 / NEMA 4X
  • -33°C to +55°C (-27° to +131° F)


  • Connects directly to standard network equipment
  • All-outdoor, compact design
  • Low voltage power cabling
  • Rapid & flexible deployment
  • Embedded web and SNMP based network management agent


  • Fiber backup
  • Disaster Recover
  • 4G/5G backhaul
  • Leased line replacement
  • Campus connectivity

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